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Title Loans in Las VegasStar Loan Centers understands that in the current state of the economy everyone experiences financial problems. While most lending institutions can help in alleviating these money problems, they are not usually prepared to give in to the wishes of all our applicants. In fact, those who have a "less than perfect" credit history have virtually no chance of getting a approved by a bank.

This is why Star Loan Centers specializes in auto title loans. We are here to help serve the needs of the fine people of Las Vegas, no matter what their credit history is. Whether no credit history or bad credit history, we are still willing to provide the best programs in Las Vegas. Because we base the loan amount off of the vehicle's value, your credit score will have no relevance. We use the fair market value of your car to determine the loan amount avaiable. Title loans can go as high as $20,000 if the value of your car is there.


Bad Credit Loans

Bad Credit LoansWe have good news for those with no credit or bad credit! When a consumer applies for a car title loan with Star Loan Centers and makes all of the payments, their credit score will improve. This is because we report prompt payers to the National Credit Bureau. Therefore, if your payments delayed, the credit bureau will hear about this and will push up your credit rating.

For those who need cash as soon as possible here in Las Vegas, NV, a payday loan can be the perfect solution. This loan also known as a paycheck advance loan permits the customer to get some cash without collateral.

As long as you have been employed at the same job for 90 consecutive days and have a bank account in good standing, chances are we can get you approved for a payday loan. Contact Star Loan Centers today and let us see just how much cash we can get you!


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